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Crazy High Winds Caught on Video in West Texas

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Out in Pecos (West Texas) on Wednesday, residents endured winds around 60 miles per hour – that’s as much as a severe thunderstorm! CBS 7 News posted a video on Facebook taken by viewer Aaron Gonzalez. In the clip, viewers can safely witness the dirt flying out of control through the air without having to deal with it painfully hitting one’s skin. CBS 7 added that the winds were also causing fire and visibility issues throughout the region. The wind made grass fires very difficult to put out, and drivers were encouraged to stay home instead of attempting to peer through the dust.

The high winds even made national news on The Washington Post with a video from Storyful Rights Management showing construction workers making the best of the crazy weather. “The winds in Texas have been brutal this week. A deep trough of low pressure is digging across the Lower 48, and the jet stream is cranking…[The gusts] happen when the winds in the atmosphere line up such that some of the energy from the jet stream (which is very high) is transferred down to the ground,” the Washington Post explains.

Texans are advised to stay safe when high wind gusts are taking place and be extremely diligent while driving.

Pecos Strong Winds

In case you were wondering just how windy it is today in parts of West Texas, check out this video from Aaron Gonzalez in Pecos.TxDOT is urging drivers to avoid U.S. 285 north of the city. More -> http://www.cbs7.com/content/news/Strong-wind-causing-visibility-and-fire-issues-across-West-Texas-468670533.html

Posted by CBS7 News / KOSA-TV on Wednesday, January 10, 2018