Hill Country Artist: Intrepid Deb Wight

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This beautiful piece shows her typical method of glass on copper. So far, as she has seen, the use of copper and glass together in this fashion is unique to her art. The pieces of glass are held together with solder.

European Mount

Deb Wight Skull Mount

Photo: Deb Wight Studios

This hand-coppered European Skull Mount is a different way to honor the animal. Some are commissioned, and some are from a collection of skulls she has found.

Why is Deb laughing?

Deb Wight Laughing

Photo: Deb Wight Studios

“Whatever else I’ve done in life, I have always been an artist. I love color, you can get fabulous colors with art glass.” Deb smiles and laughs because she loves what she does. She works out of her home studio near Bergheim, and her art can be found on her website and a number of galleries, including Artisans in Fredericksburg.

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