Hill Country Golf: Explore These Award-Winning Courses

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Q: How long from course design to completion?

A: Design began in 2004 and build completed in 2006. The land the course covers was set aside from the beginning of development as it was already perfectly formed for a golf course. Little land needed to be moved, just a few ‘layers peeled.’

Q: What is the pace of play?

A: Per USGA standards, four hours and 15 minutes.

Q: Are there walking or riding restrictions?

A: None.

Q: Favorite spot on the course?

A: While the 16th hole is a recognized favorite, the 7th hole is Par 3 and quite challenging.

Q: Any specific challenges due to Texas and/or the Hill Country?

A: Due to the terrain, Holes 16, 17, and 18 are a little uphill and into the wind. This can be tricky when coming off a full round.

Q: What is the most common compliment received?

A: Aside from the beautiful facilities and course, countless visitors have praised the staff as being very friendly, engaging, and outgoing. It is an essential part of the Cordillera culture.

Q: Are lessons available?

A: Yes, to members only at the Golf Performance Center. This new facility is led by Director of Instruction Bryan Gathright, one of Golf Magazines Top 100 Instructors.

Q: What is the best-kept secret about this course?

A: On 12th hole, green speeds go to a low point. If putting towards, the ball will go a bit faster than anticipated.

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Special thank you to Marc for his time, as well as Robert Rodriguez with Buffalo Agency.

Bring out the collared shirt, clean up your driver, and hit the greens! If you have never tried golf before, play with a friend then take some lessons. You’ll soon learn there is no more satisfying than the ‘ping’ of a good drive and the ‘plop’ of a sunk putt. And for those wondering: an ‘Aircraft Carrier’ is a long, flat, rectangular teeing ground which is usually elevated a few feet above the level of the surrounding turf, ‘Botox’ is a putt that lips-out, ‘Captain Kirk’ is when a shot goes where no ball has gone before, and a ‘Rainmaker’ is a golf shot with a very high trajectory. Are you inspired to hit the fairway?