Holidays You Never Knew Existed: Ugly Sweater Day

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‘Tis the season for holiday baking, Christmas carols, and…ugly Christmas sweaters? In recent years, the trend of throwing parties where guests dress in the most festive (and sometimes downright dreadful) holiday sweaters they can find has become increasingly popular. Now, you can celebrate an entire day set aside specifically for showing off your own ghastly attire. December 19 is Ugly Sweater Day, so now is your free pass to commit every fashion faux pas in the books. Looking for a little inspiration? Below are five of the ugliest Christmas sweaters we here in the Texas Hill Country could find.

1. This is Sure to be a Show-Stopper

holidays you never knew existed ugly sweater day 1

2. This Retro Piece is Just as Homely Now as it Was 3o Years Ago

ugly sweater day

3. Themed Sweaters are a Great Way to Get Creative.

ugly sweater day 2

Photo: Facebook/Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

4. Create Your Own Hideous Work of Sweater Art

ugly sweater day 3

5. Don’t Forget, Your Furry Friends Need Sweaters Too!

ugly sweater day 4

Photo: Facebook/Global Pet Food NB

Whether you choose to go all out for Ugly Sweater Day or keep the ugliness to a minimum, we hope you have a great time celebrating!


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