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Homeless Man in Beaumont Tries to Find His San Antonio Family for Christmas

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Around the holidays, many people have the joy and privilege of spending time with their families, but confronting images of happy families getting together around the Christmas tree can be difficult for those who aren’t connected with their loved ones. One man in the Beaumont area, named Terry Jones, told 12 News Now that he’s hoping to reunite with his family. He’s hoping to find his niece, Alanna Jones Davis, who lives in the San Antonio area, so he can feel the warmth of the holidays, too.

For the past 10 years, Jones has lived on the streets of Beaumont. Earlier this month, he happened to meet kind soul Kristen Wertman whose brother went missing years ago. She assumes that he is in a similar position to Jones. Wertman posted Jones’ hope to find his family in San Antonio Facebook groups, and she hopes that spreading the news through social media and news stations will help achieve their goal.

When KENS 5 shared the story on their Facebook page, it spawned over 2,000 shares! Many people have their fingers crossed for Jones’ story to have a happy ending. Elizabeth Serrano Hope and many others wrote, “Hope he finds her soon.”