Move Over Honey & Lemon: Chocolate Could Cure Your Cough

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In the midst of the winter cold and flu season, we here in Texas are also battling seasonal allergies with Cedar Fever at its height. Those who would rather opt for the best remedies out there for the symptoms they experience in conjunction with these ailments are definitely in luck in the cough department. As it turns out, chocolate is a natural cough suppressant. A study that came to light last year has chocolate lovers around the world rejoicing. The results identified that chocolate is a better cure for a cough as opposed to even honey and lemon (something our parents and grandparents have often sworn by).

In comparison to traditional cough medicines which can be found on today’s shelves, the fact that chocolate was studied for its abilities to calm or soothe a cough is like learning you’ve hit the lottery. When the cure is as sweet as something like this, you just might be willing to fake a cough! The study was performed by a university in England whereby 163 patients with a cough were given a prescription, either for regular cough medicine or one that was chocolate-based. Those who received the latter were determined to have faster improvement in their symptom than those who were prescribed the traditional cough suppressant. As a result, the scientists who conducted the study believe that cocoa has certain properties which assist in the relief of irritation or inflammation that causes one to cough.

Move Over Honey & Lemon: Chocolate Could Cure Your Cough

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These beneficial properties consist of an alkaloid in cocoa called theobromine in conjunction with the stickiness it produces in chocolate. “This demulcent effect explains why honey and lemon and other sugary syrups can help, but I think there is something more going on with chocolate,” Professor Alyn Morice told ABCNews4. Chocolate is now known to have many unique properties (such as its amazing taste). However, the release of this study information was the first time that it was publicized as a cough suppressant. Finally, a study on health we can truly be thrilled about! As a result of their findings, the authors of the study have since suggested that anyone with a relentless cough perhaps try enjoying a piece of chocolate from their first aid kit, to help alleviate symptoms.