What Does It Mean to Become an ‘Honorary Texan’?

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Being able to call yourself Texan is a privilege awarded to only some 27 million (give or take a few) in the entire world according to the United States Census Bureau. Predicated solely upon being born here, that number would grow exponentially if you were to include the many individuals who are declared Honorary Texans. But what does that mean?

What Does It Mean To Become An ‘Honorary Texan’?

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According to Wikipedia, honorary citizenship is bestowed by a country (or in this case a state) “…on a foreign individual whom it considers to be especially admirable or otherwise worthy of the distinction.” In this case, that means that somewhere along the way this individual has done something so outstanding, they are now worthy of calling themselves “Texan” as a result. Most of us would agree, that has to be something quite considerable to merit an honor of this degree.

What Does It Mean To Become An ‘Honorary Texan’?

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The list of such formidable honorees includes Phil Collins (having donated his entire collection of Texas artifacts to the Alamo), John Wayne (for being “…the prototypical American hero, symbolizing such traits as self-reliance, grace under pressure…” as quoted in Texas House Concurrent Resolution 130), and the entire 100th and 442nd infantry divisions of the US Army. Those are some rather large honorary Texan boots to fill!

What Does It Mean To Become An ‘Honorary Texan’?

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“Honorary Texan” recognition is bestowed by Texas governors and is a process known to have begun in the 1930s. According to some more modern-day discussions, the bestowing of such an honor can be given to natives of other states only, whereas foreign nationals can be given “Honored Guest” certificates. Either way, as one of these dignitaries, they’re now entitled to the biggest thing that Texas owns, and that’s its enormous sense of belonging and identity. Welcome Honorary Texans – your certificate of authenticity will be forthcoming!




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