Re-purposed Horse Trailer Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

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The concept of re-purposing things is not lost in Texas. We have old barns we repurpose for new homes or home decorating projects. We have Tiny Texas Houses, a company that works to use 95 percent re-purposed materials for their gorgeous small homes. Now we have a new fascination – the re-purposing of our old horse trailers into something spectacular! Here are a few re-purposed horse trailer projects that will blow your mind!

1. Food Trailer Fetish

Re-Purposed Horse Trailer Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Photo: Facebook/Food Truck Fridays in Brisbane

The trailer food concept is not lost on us. In fact, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas all have entire “neighborhoods” of them. However, the idea of taking a repurposed horse trailer and using it as a food trailer is fantastic, to say the least. Not only can this mobile venue be set up anywhere there’s an appropriate permit, but it can also be used at Texas winery events, weddings, and fundraisers. What a great premise!

2. Part of a Special Events Complement

Re-Purposed Horse Trailer Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Photo: Facebook/LADY LOO

There are a number of features you often want to see at a special event, such as a “station” for things like wine and cheese (seen above) or mimosa bars, a picture booth, or simply a great backdrop for party photos. As part of the full event complement you can offer, a re-purposed horse trailer can make the difference, often remembered by your guests as a memorable component of the party.

3. A Backyard Bar

Re-Purposed Horse Trailer Projects That Will Blow Your Mind

Photo: Facebook/Horse Hippie

Long live the man cave and the she-shed, but now our sights are set on the backyard bar, re-purposed from a horse trailer. Those of us who have room enough to place such a model of pure genius on our property will most definitely be looking online now for where we can quickly get an old horse trailer (I know I have three pinned as we speak!). Those of us who don’t have the space will quite possibly use this as their impetus for prepping for their dream home – if only to have a bar like this in the back!