A Horse Walks Into a Bar in West Texas… No Really

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A horse walks into a bar… That’s generally the way a joke about this sort of thing would start, but in reality, a horse truly did walk into a bar in Lubbock, with his rider in the saddle. In Texas, riding horses is no joke, of course, but patrons of the Blue Light bar were witnesses to something that was a little unexpected.

There’s been no word as to what brought on this close encounter of the equine kind, but Daisy Glaspie, a patron of Tom’s Daiquiri Bar (which is connected to the Blue Light), was shooting pool that night when a friend told her to go up to the front. There, a crowd gathered and watched as the man in question mounted a horse and proceeded to ride into the bar. There’s honestly no punch line here, although it does seem more than a little funny.

A video of the incident, posted in a tweet by Glaspie, is available here and has been circulating on social media ever since. It’s gone viral (because Texas…) and drew a lot of attention to the Depot District bar. Glaspie said that the man and his horse didn’t stay very long, and Dustin Six, co-owner of Blue Light, noted it was a normal Saturday for the popular Lubbock bar. In case you’re wondering, the Lubbock police stated that this was, in fact, legal, but with a few caveats – like the fact that should something happen, the rider and the business they ride into are liable for any injuries or damages that result. File this one under “Only in west Texas…”