How to Host the Perfect Fall Backyard Pig Roast Party

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Here in Texas, we love to take our casual outdoor gatherings to the next level with great food. Nine times out of 10 this is going to be with barbecue of some nature. But what if you want to put a full fall spin on it by hosting a backyard pig roast? Hosting one of these feeding frenzies can take up plenty of time in the planning, preparation, and roll-out. It can also be labor-intensive. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Having a pig roast can be fun, if you have a handle on the integral components which can make or break your event.

Great pig roast planning is necessary to have a fun time. Leading up to the pig roast, you’ll need to decide how many guests you’ll be having, which determines the size of the pig that you’ll need to order. So, have your invitations sent out well in advance of your event (as in, several weeks ahead of time) in order to ensure everyone RSVPs and you’ll have enough meat to go around. After that, you’re going to want to find a farm or a butcher who can accommodate your pig order. This order will need to be made at a minimum of a week in advance of the pig roast. They’ll need to know how many people are expected in order to work with you on the pounds of pork that will be required. A good standard to go by is 1.5 pounds per each guest.

How to Host the Perfect Fall Backyard Pig Roast Party

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Now you’ll need to decide how to roast the pig in question. Some people will make use of a large mobile grill of some sort, called a pig cooker. These can be rented in order to ease your mind. However, others have cooked their pig on a spit constructed in their own backyard. Either way, you’ll need to ensure you have enough charcoal and wood available for the roasting. In addition, you’ll also need to accommodate your guests with seating, tables, tablecloths (if you so desire), napkins, cutlery, and some form of buffet-style serving and drink area. Have coolers on hand loaded with ice and the beverages of your preference, but perhaps also consider some fantastic sides to serve with the main event. A pig roast in and of itself is usually a uniquely intriguing meal, but the sides you can serve with this delicious pork are also star attractions! Choose them wisely.

How to Host the Perfect Fall Backyard Pig Roast Party
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