Combating Hot Flushes, Tears, Menopause, & Weight Gain

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We’ll start with Black Cohosh, which is native to the United States. American Indians called it Black Snakeroot, Rattleweed, and many farmers call it Bugwort. It is very effective for hot flushes and night sweats and it copies hormones in your body. You can purchase this herb at any pharmacy.

Women states, “Black Cohosh is an  herb that exerts its effects on the endocrine regulatory (hormonal) mechanism in your body. It’s a phytoestrogen, but by definition that means it’s weaker than the estrogens your body creates. Structurally, black cohosh more closely resembles estradiol, which researchers believe offers protection against cancer of the endometrium, ovaries and breast.

“That’s a real conclusion from research done on menopause treatment alternatives. You can take black cohosh for menopausal symptoms and get protection against cancer at the same time.”


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Another great gift from the earth is sage. It has some miraculous uses besides stuffing for a turkey. For hot flushes, uncomfortable night sweats, and forgetfulness, this herb is a God-send. The hypothalamus is the thermostat in our bodies. And as estrogen levels begin to alternate, so do the signals to the temperature control of the body. Sage tea or sage oil capsules can keep these signals under control.

ScienceDaily tells us, “New research has proved that sage can improve memory, confirming centuries-old theories. British scientists have carried out the first clinical trials with healthy, young adults and found that those who had taken sage oil capsules performed significantly better in a word recall test.”

DHEA is one of the more controversial drugs today, but if used properly it is a true “wonder drug”.  It helps maintain sexual desire, helps control weight gain around the mid-section, levels out hormones and is beneficial to the adrenal glands.  Energy levels soar and muscle tissue maintains its strength and elasticity.

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