Houston Man Fails to Rob a Wendy’s, Cop Accidentally Fires Gun

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On Monday night in southeast Houston, police arrived at a Wendy’s after a man starting shooting inside the fast food restaurant. According to KHOU, the suspect threatened to shoot himself once he saw police, so they backed down. He grabbed the money out of the cash register and hid in an office where he fired again at nothing in particular.

Then the man ran next door to an abandoned building. ABC 13 reports that from there things got even more out of hand. Once the man began shooting again (though not at the officers), they sent in a police dog to wrestle him to the ground. At this point, a police officer accidentally shot their gun which grazed an officer and caused a police dog to bite another officer out of confusion and fright.

After the bizarre scene, the robber aimed the gun at himself and pulled the trigger, but he was out of bullets. Reports say that it didn’t appear that the man was trying to shoot anyone during the entire incident other than himself. The shot and bitten police officers sought medical treatment at Memorial Hermann Southeast. The news reports that both will be fine after their relatively minor injuries.