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Houston’s History Bus Telling the Stories of the Past

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Just in time to celebrate Houston, Texas’ 181st birthday comes the Houston History Bus telling the stories of Houston’s past. Think New York and the famous open-top city bus tours taking you around famous landmarks and describing the significance of a particular site.

Houston Historian Mister McKinney will teach you about the city’s history, and even take care of the driving for everyone to enjoy the cool breeze as you travel down the streets of Houston’s neighborhoods learning about the backstory.

Hop on the Houston History bus as McKinney takes you back in time through an educational journey about the town. It’s an interesting attraction you won’t want to miss while visiting the Space City.

“To be able to bring Houston history to everybody, that’s the concept behind the Houston History Bus,” shared McKinney in the youtube video above. In honor of Houston’s birthday month in August, McKinney shares they will be doing free tours of Houston.

Travelers on the bus will be treated to the engaging and interesting history behind some of the buildings, prominent events that occurred, quick facts, and popular street mural located along the route. McKinney and his History Bus will take you along routes and stops popular among the locals such as Market Square and the 911 memorial named “Lauren’s Garden,” dedicated to a passenger on Flight 93 that also pays homage to all those lost on that flight. “You’ll learn about The Rice Hotel and the important role the site of Texas Ave. & Main St. played in the history of our great CITY, our STATE….and the NATION,” as shared on their Facebook page.

“Houston has such a rich heritage, and many Houstonians sadly aren’t aware of it,” shared McKinney in an article from the The Houston History Bus has been upgraded similar to the double deckers you come across in other cities with an open-top for travelers to enjoy. “We’ve renovated it with a flat screen TV where we’ll display archival photos and compare them with modern architecture and local scenery as we tour our beautiful city,” shared Mckinney.

For more information about the Houston History Bus visit their Facebook page.