IKEA’s New App Lets You Try Furniture in Your Home on Your Phone

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Dreading a trip around the endless maze of IKEA? Worry no more as the Swedish company will soon release an app that will allow customers to see pieces of furniture in their homes through their phone screen using augmented reality.

Homes & Property writes that the app called “IKEA Place” will work with iPhones and iPads once the new operating system, iOS11, launches. “Buyers will be able to examine how the furniture looks from every angle and even zoom in to see the grain of the fabric. Photos of the mock-up room can then be sent to friends and family for a second opinion,” H&P explains. It will completely revolutionize the shopping experience, and users can “place” the pieces in an empty room or over existing pieces.

If the idea for this app sounds familiar, you might remember the old version released in 2013 that used augmented reality and a physical copy of the IKEA catalog to insert pieces of furniture into one’s space. But the scale couldn’t shift in any sense like the new app’s capabilities, and overall, the technology wasn’t as impressive.

See the amazing new app in action in the video below, and start living your interior design dreams.