Illegitimate Buc-ee’s Spotted in the Middle East: Is It Real?

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In January of this year, Buc-ee’s debuted a new location in Alabama—the first of its kind outside of the Lone Star State. So is it any wonder that this famed Texas road trip stop would be seen elsewhere throughout the world… including Amman, Jordan?

Maurice Chammah saw the Buc-ee’s sign in his travels as a writer. Being familiar with the logo, when he spotted it in Amman, he pulled over in order to get an image and post to his social media. “I was driving on a highway north of Amman, Jordan, and found a…Buc-ee’s. Or at least, a place claiming to be Buc-ee’s,” he tweeted. “I have so many questions.” He gave credit to Emily Chammah for the image. Later feedback on his tweet claimed that some of the signage translated to say: “coffee center, pastries, and snacks.”

Illegitimate Buc-ee’s Spotted in the Middle East: Is It Real?

Photo: Flickr/viviandnguyen

It appears, based on a response from the original Buc-ee’s founder, that this particular franchise isn’t legitimate. “That beats all. Unbelievable,” Buc-ee’s founder Beaver Aplin reportedly said. The concept that something so Texan could gain popularity globally impressed many people considerably but surprised no one. Founded in 1982 in Lake Jackson, Texas, the Buc-ee’s chain is recognized for its convenient, clean, and unique travel centers. The largest of its kind is located in New Braunfels, in the Texas Hill Country, and comes in at more than 68,000-square-feet. Beaver Nuggets are just one of the items the stores are known for—a regional delicacy of sorts. Now that the store has expanded into Alabama, it’s anticipated they will be just as popular there as well. They also feature a great selection of beef jerky, traditional Texas barbecue, and even homemade fudge. According to reports, a second out-of-state expansion store has been in the works for Daytona Beach, Florida, scheduled for a 2019 opening. In the meantime, there’s been no word as to whether one in Amman, Jordan, had true potential.