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Images by Outlaw Captures Nature and Gave Life Back to its Photographer

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His recovery was a slow process, but after suffering a few occasional falls, he still felt determined to “keep on keepin’ on.” In July 2017, he had a second photo published in the National Geographic “Your Shot” community. He explains, “I knew I was doing exactly what I think the good Lord called me to do.” Images by Outlaw continues to produce a quality that could only be captured by being in close proximity to the animals, birds, and insects Wells photographs. In terms of meshing his subject matter with his process, he hopes to one day own a large piece of land to start a wildlife photography ranch/preserve. That’s a far cry from the person who described himself as having given up. Without that passion, he might not have made it through his subsequent hurdles, and for his fans, that’s a welcomed breath of fresh air. Images by Outlaw captures the essence of what we all hope to one day experience—freedom of life, in free form. At the same time, it gave that very same experience to its owner, professional photographer Larry Wells.

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