Inaugural Boerne 0.5k Already a Hit and It Hasn’t Been Run Yet

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The first annual Boerne 0.5k run is, unfortunately, all booked up. Although ironic, this is a positive sign for “underachievers.” According to reports, the run scheduled for May 5 is completely sold out – and that’s saying something for those who want to run but don’t feel the drive to complete a 5k (normally the smallest standard for such runs). Organizers went as far as identifying with those who generally perform below the norm in their website posting for the race: “Join your fellow underachievers for a day (actually more like 10 minutes) of glory, celebration, and participation trophies to raise money for a great organization, Blessings in a Backpack!”

That’s right, the Boerne 0.5k and its good-humored ribbing are all for a good cause. Blessings in a Backpack is a non-profit group whose mission it is to feed school children currently on the Free and Reduced Meal Program, which is designed to assist throughout the U.S. This Texas Hill Country fundraiser, all in the name of fun, was coordinated to raise funds for the program to support those locally who need this assistance the most – our children.

Inaugural Boerne 0.5k Already a Hit and It Hasn’t Been Run Yet

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The best part about this event is that they make it so easy (not to mention hilarious) to want to attend. In their description of the event, it’s noted: “The um, ‘Run’ will start at River Road Park, just across from the Dodging Duck. Conveniently, the Duck has offered all participants a free pint of beer before the start of the race, so get there early. Yay beer! The um, ‘Race,’ will then head down the River Road Park walkway, underneath the Main Street Bridge where you will finish in a blaze of glory. We will then head to the Cibolo Creek Brewery to relive the experience, brag to our friends, take selfies to post on social media ‘I DID IT!!!  I’M A FINISHER!!  LOOK AT ME!!!’  Conveniently, CCB has offered all participants a free pint of beer at the end of the race. Yay beer!” For those who missed out on the run sign-up, there’s a link for donations as well, considering the importance of its benevolence.

The site is even more humorous when it comes to the run’s “goodies and fun stuff,” but we’ll let you take a look-see. By far the best, however, is the VIP Option for race participation. “Don’t feel like running? Don’t think you can make it the full 546 yards? Then you should be a VIP. For an additional $25, you don’t even have to run!  How awesome is that?! The official Boerne 0.5k shuttle is a restored 1963 VW bus.  If you don’t want to walk over to Cibolo Creek, we’ll shuttle you! You still get your free beer at both brewpubs, and all of the other goodies…But the best thing is you get a bigger medal than everyone else because you are more important!” explains the run’s website.


Inaugural Boerne 0.5k Already a Hit and It Hasn’t Been Run Yet


Although the race may be booked-up, they may still be looking for volunteers – and rightfully so. With the awesome cause, the great opportunity for helping youth in the community, and the obvious good sense of humor the organizers have, you’ll want to be a part of this group for not only its inaugural race but years to come! A link for volunteer information and registration is available at the top of the race website. The race is sanctioned by the “…SLACR, the Society for Lazy and Carefree Runners,” and organizers are ensuring everyone gets recognition for their participation, no matter how bad they do (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). They haven’t even overlooked the minor details, such as a medical tent, together with a mid-point coffee and donut station, and a designated smoking area!