The InflataBULL Could Quite Possibly be the Texiest Form of Water Fun!

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It’s not what you think. It’s better. For those of you suffering from massive heat madness in the triple-digit Texas summer weather we’ve been receiving, there is relief. You can go jump in a lake, a pool, or a local swimming hole of any sort, but it might have a hard time living up to the expectation of fun that can be had with the InflataBULL.

This blow-up pool float from Intex (the same makers of the smaller personal pool products we find in stores and online), offers you the opportunity to “…test your bull-riding skills on the water” in the name of good old-fashioned summertime fun. This clearly isn’t meant to be a true test. It’s simply meant for users to have a good time. How many of you have ever tried to keep your balance on a regular pool float? We’re talking blow-up mattresses, pool noodles tied together in some shape, or other such air-filled animal shapes. Well, here’s something that’s meant to be treated that way, cowboy corniness included…and it looks like three times the fun!

You’ve seen the story for the truck liner pools (which is a great response to cooling off on the go, in a field, or at a festival!) and now the swimming fun gods have given us the toy we’ve all dreamed of as kids, for our kids! Shared on the Intex Recreation Corp. YouTube channel, this video is just a small taste of the type of pool rodeo action that can ensue (safely, of course) with the InflataBULL, and the fun won’t stop with a simple quiet float on the water. There are countless ways to have a good time while swimming, but this appears to be (for lack of a better term) the Texiest style of whooping it up in the water. You’re welcome.