The Inside of This Tiny Cabin is Surprisingly Spacious

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This tiny cabin may not look like much from the outside, but the inside is open, bright, and spacious.

This 400-square-foot tiny cabin is designed for an urban environment as opposed to off-the-grid living. It is also made to suit a growing family, as you’ll see with its beautiful nursery attachment.

As for the outside of the home, it boasts cedar siding with a dark stain and a corrugated roof that is designed to rust.

The living space has gorgeous windows that let natural light in, brightening up the entire space. The dark floor and paneled rustic ceiling also compliment the way light colors are used in the space.

The kitchen is equally as open and the open shelves provide less bulky storage options while maintaining the integrity of the design.

The washer-dryer combination is built in under the stairwell, using every square inch of space to its advantage.

The most beautiful part of the cabin, however, is the nursery. On the bottom level, it is separated from the central living and its windows again let in so much light.

The loft bedroom provides just the right amount of space and is even carpeted.

This tiny urban cabin is an incredible design that uses every spare inch of storage for a purpose!