The Invasion of the Crickets

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Tony Maples Photography


Lately, everywhere you go it seems you are inundated with a massive mess of crickets. So, what’s the deal? From North Texas, East Texas, and now Central Texas, there are piles of the little guys stacked on top of each other inside the stores, on sidewalks, and along the curb. Is it a sign the world is coming to an end? Well, no. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this crazy cricket phenomenon.

Photo: Facebook/Jon Cliffton Mobley

According to CNN, the influx in the cricket population has to do with our unseasonably cooler temperatures. Normally, during the summertime, crickets stay out of sight, lulling us all to sleep with their faint, far away chirping. But as soon as the temperature dropped, the crickets were signaled to come out and look for mates. Their chirping gets louder and they head towards the light to gather in the places we love to inhabit. The brighter the lights, the more crickets you will see. This means that you will be greeted by Jiminy Cricket and his buddies at any well-lit venue you choose to venture into, at least for a little while.