‘The Iron Orchard’ is a Must-See Texas Movie of Oil, Riches, & Love

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The narrative is compelling and covers approximately 15 years, from 1939 through to the middle of the ‘50s. In addition to the film’s Texas setting and a native Texan release of the movie, the movie’s Texas ties also include the fact that cast and crew members were hired from within the Lone Star State. “It was done very much with the love and benevolence of West Texans… Just to be able to bring this Texas film home, we feel like we did Texas proud,” Chambers recently noted in an interview with Oil industry companies donated equipment for the filming, while Texas businesses on location made it easier for the film to make the most of period props and budget restrictions. On a side note, Pendleton opted for his assumed writer’s name, in part, due to the fact that he hailed from a prominent banking family from Fort Worth and didn’t want to offend notables in the Texas oil industry who did business at his family’s financial institution.

The movie’s portrayal of the extents of fortune and misfortune fought for and earned in this Texas industry in the early 20th century is beguiling. Once you get a glimpse of the plot and how it thickens, producing the elusive respect and riches the protagonist often yearns for, only to have a mixture of fate and self-absorption play key roles on the brink of their demise, you’ll become absorbed in this must-see film. More details on “The Iron Orchard” movie can be found on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, or you can visit its official website at the link available here.

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