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Dallas Lawyer is Suing a Mansfield Restaurant Because They Ran out of Soup

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Locally loved Mansfield restaurant, conveniently named Our Place, could be sued by a Texas lawyer who is mad they ran out of soup. Really.

When Dallas attorney Dwain Downey recently dined at Our Place in Mansfield, as he normally does, he expected a cup of soup that freely came with his meal. However, his server returned to him following his Saturday Special order, which boasts an entrée, two sides, and a soup, to let him know that they were just all out of soup.

What Downey did in response is almost too ridiculous for words. As Grub Street reported, he went back to his attorney office on Monday and started writing his now famous demand letter to Our Place owner, Benji Arslanovski.

Downey is claiming this lack of soup violates a contract offered by the restaurant in its offer of free soup and its menu specifically. The letter he sent is pictured below.

13063303_10154100071269935_406936078080127550_oOur Place Restaurant Mansfield, TX

Arslanovski has hung up the letter in his restaurant and is no doubt laughing his way to the bank with this free publicity for his soup that’s delicious enough to sue over!

While the serious tone of the letter makes us think that Downey does, ridiculously, mean business, who knows how this case will turn out.