It’s For The Birds

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It's For The Birds

It’s For The Birds – How One Man’s Dream is Helping To Re-populate Texas Quail

Connaway Quail Farm – Brown County – Brownwood Texas

Located 11 miles SSW from Brownwood Texas, on the edge of The Hill County, lay a 3000+ acre hilltop ranch overlooking an incredible vista and one of the best migrating dove flyways and hunting locations in the State.  The fields are primed every year with sunflowers, millet and dove weed, and surrounded by water features such as tanks or ponds and gravel creek beds — dove heaven and the hunter’s paradise.   But this is just where this tale of life begins for Delbert Connaway and his dream to re-populate quail in Texas.

It's For The Birds

In the early days of wildcatters and drilling, Delbert left to explore for Texas Gold – oil and gas.  Using the last dime in his pocket, he bought up a lease, jimmy-rigged an old used drilling rig and went to work.  His sweat and toil paid off after several months of breakdowns and miscues, when the smell of success roared up from down hole, Delbert became an ‘oilman’.   In the next several years he spread his goals to land ownership, purchasing pieces of his beloved state, in the “Heart of Texas”.  His success as an oilman reached across Texas and came to be known as one of the “Good Ole’ Boys”.  His life, as in most of our lives, has had its laughter and its tears.  After his first wife passed away, Delbert remarried Wanda, a long time resident of Mexia, raising her two children, and his son, John.

It's For The Birds

Delbert decided to get back to his roots of ranching and farming, the place where his parents had made there way during the hardest of times.  As we who know farming in Texas, it’s feast or famine, but our love of the land eternally persists.  After reading a documentary that quail were at an all time decline in Texas due to disease, predators and the infestation of fire ants, the decision was made to take on the task of raising Quail.  Helping re-populate the vanishing coveys, that for almost 200 years has been the favorite game bird for chefs, hunters and dogs alike.

It's For The Birds

From eggs, hatchlings, to birds flushed from a fence-line, the Connaway Quail Farm is making Delbert’s dream come true.  You may purchase quail for repopulating on your land, chefs can buy for their seasonal menus, or these Quail can be released in one of many different field locations and hunted on a daily basis.  He can accommodate any size group or individuals, independent or corporate.   Bring your dogs for training or to work them.  Connaway Farms is a dove and quail hunter’s paradise and a place to bag a once vanishing bird brought back from the edge.  Come and hunt this beautiful property and feel the rush of your dog flushing birds into flight and for that instance, feel pure adrenaline run through you as you swing around to shoot and bag your birds.  Delbert also has hunting packages for whitetail deer and wild hogs.

It's For The Birds

To schedule your hunt, or to purchase Quail for your hunting lease call Delbert at (325) 642-0982.

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