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Jaguar Escapes its Enclosure at a Texas Zoo, Attacks Monkey

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A 2-year-old jaguar named Estrella who resides at the Abilene Zoo escaped her enclosure on Monday morning and was found wreaking havoc at the spider monkey exhibit. According to KSAT, Estrella was caught red-handed perched on top of the spider monkey cage holding onto an injured monkey that later had to be put to sleep due to the ordeal.

KTXS says that Estrella was only out of her cage for 19 minutes before she was found and shot with a tranquilizer dart. Bill Gersonde, the Abilene Zoo’s director, says that zoo staff is unsure as to how exactly she got out. Gersonde stated, “The animals have been in this exhibit for over a year with no incidents.”

Officials are investigating the matter to determine how she escaped, but they want to assure people that her current holding area, where she is staying with her sister, is secure. Gersonde also wants the public to know that Estrella wasn’t being cruel. “The animal did nothing wrong. It was just being a jaguar,” he said.

The Abilene Zoo’s Facebook page shows that both Estrella and her sister Luna celebrated their second birthday earlier on May 11th. Perhaps Estrella thought she would celebrate with a moment of rebellion!