James Earl Jones Joins Cast of New Live Action Lion King Film

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Disney is working on a new “live-action” film version of “The Lion King.” ABC 13 says that the movie will look similar to the recent adaptation of “The Jungle Book,” with a combination of green screen use and CGI to give “The Lion King” a whole new look. The director, Jon Favreau, took to Twitter to announce part of the cast.

Donald Glover, who’s also part of the new Han Solo film project, will star as adult Simba and James Earl Jones, the original Mufasa, will reprise his role. “We are so excited to see more of what is sure to be a breathtaking visual story,” Oh My Disney writes. “Combined with amazing voice talent like James Earl Jones and Donald Glover, we’re sure to be in for an amazing experience.”

Fans are already excited about the upcoming project. When Disney posted the article revealing the casting choice to their Facebook page, many were thrilled with the news. But some admit that they hope the fate of Mufasa changes in the new version. “I don’t think I could take James Earl Jones being pushed off a cliff again,” Ed Mardt posted.