January’s Full ‘Wolf Moon’ on the Rise Tonight!

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Word has it, that “big and bright” refers to the stars at night in Texas. Well if you want to see the potential of “bigger and brighter,” check out the full moon that’s set to rise tonight (January 12)! If last September’s Harvest Moon eclipse got you all in a tizzy and scrambling to find the best place to view it from, you won’t want to miss the first full moon of 2017 – a.k.a. The “Wolf Moon.”

Where Does the Name “Wolf Moon” Come From?

January’s Full Wolf Moon on the Rise Tonight!

Photo: Pixabay

The Old Farmer’s Almanac stated that Native Americans would name the full moons in accordance with the seasons they were keeping track of, and the January full moon was called the “Wolf Moon.” This was because, in January, hungry wolves would gather around their villages at night and howl at the moon. In keeping with this, you’ll notice others referring to full moons throughout the year with a variety of names such as “Strawberry Moon,” “Hunter’s Moon,” and so on. And this signifies what the substance or concept being tracked referred to. It’s actually quite ingenious.

What’s its Significance?

January’s Full Wolf Moon on the Rise Tonight!

Photo: Pixabay

And so what significance does the upcoming “Wolf Moon” hold for Texans tonight? Well according to Wise Skies Astrology, emotional sensitivity or a case of “the feels” will set in for the majority of us, a giant sigh of relief will come for some of us, and the amazing possibility for wellness opportunities in the upcoming new year. If you’re more into the joys of just viewing the physical attributes of this large lunar opportunity, simply set up your telescope, grab a cup of tea, and get engaged in gazing upward. Don’t have a telescope? No problem! There are observatories you can visit, or simply pile some comforters in the back of your car, truck or van, load the kids up, and set out to a peaceful spot to set your sights on the stratosphere. Watch this full moon in full effect: you’ll be amazed!


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