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JJ Watt Sparks Online Debate About Dinosaur Fossils With Teammate

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On Saturday, JJ Watt stirred the pot with a tweet about his teammate, DJ Reader. “Our lockers have been next to each other for over a year and I just found out @Djread98 doesn’t believe in dinosaurs. Says fossils are fake,” he wrote. Since Watt has over 3.77 million followers on Twitter, people were quick to respond. Famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson even jumped into the conversation, writing, “Whoever told him that Dinosaur fossils are fake, does not hold his intellectual enlightenment as a priority.”

ABC 13 likens the online debate full of shocked fans, GIFS, scientific facts, and a few people agreeing, to the time when Kyrie Irving said he thought the earth was flat. But Reader and Watt’s debate seems to have come to a close with only light ribbing.

Once the cat was out of the bag, DJ Reader was inundated with responses of disbelief at Reader’s belief. “Look at what you started,” he tweeted at Watt. “Ay man, I’m not the one who said it! I love you either way cuz you’re my boy. I just had to see if anybody had your back. (They don’t),” Watt quipped back. These two teammates will have to agree to disagree for now.