Kacey Musgraves Thrills Fans with Relatable ‘High Horse’ Release

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As far as Texas songstresses go, Kacey Musgraves is one of the “it chicks.” Released on March 30, her third studio album, entitled “Golden Hour,” is everything you expected it to be and then some! Already a huge hit, her song “Space Cowboy” has reminded fans why they love her honest style so much. She continues to make music that’s relevant to today’s listener and relatable in so many ways. Just take a look at these lyrics to see the proof: “You can have your space, cowboy. I ain’t gonna fence you in. Go on, ride away in your Silverado. Guess I’ll see you ’round again.”

Her second release from the album, following “Space Cowboy,” is entitled “High Horse.” This song is clear evidence that Musgraves has found a niche with her fans both here in the Lone Star State and abroad, and she’s not ready to let go of the reigns just yet. Having a very sassy-but-classy vibe, this latest track, found here below from her YouTube channel, is a must-listen Musgraves hit!

Having a definite ’70s-esque type of feel to it, Musgraves has nonetheless produced a sound that’s unique to her, refusing to be pigeon-holed into a classic country image in mainstream media. Having begun her rise to fame by appearing on the 7th season of “Nashville Star,” she eventually signed with Mercury Nashville in 2012, releasing two albums to critical acclaim. The first was “Same Trailer Different Park,” and the follow-up was “Pageant Material.” She also released her very first Christmas-themed album with “A Very Kacey Christmas.” Look for “Golden Hour” online and in stores, and listen for her latest tracks as they hit the charts on their way up!