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Decades-Long Kerrville Folk Festival: You, Too, Can be a Kerrvert

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The 47th annual Kerrville Folk Festival will soon be starting, and “Kerrverts” (those who have become long-time converts of the event) couldn’t be happier. Opening day is scheduled for May 24 this year, and the entire event, lasting 18 days, will wrap up on June 10. What can you expect from this gem of a Texas Hill Country music celebration? So much more than you’re thinking.

Rich with big names, not to mention workshops focusing on voice, songwriting, and so many other aspects of the artform, the musical and verbal communication that takes place at this venue is second-to-none. However, it’s not just the structured and scheduled time frames that appeal to festivalgoers. It’s also the downtime between events when you can gather with friends around a fire and sing deep into the night to the tune of only a guitar or two and the harmonies of voices that draw people in toward the light. To Quote a continued Kerrville Folk Festival volunteer and attendee: “Kerrville is truly a cultural phenomenon. It incites deep loyalty in its festivalgoers and volunteer staff, who call themselves Kerrverts. There are a few staff members – including producer Dalis Allen – but the festival is run mostly by hundreds of volunteers, most of whom are musicians.”

Decades-Long Kerrville Folk Festival: You Too Can be a Kerrvert

Photo: Facebook/Mike Lindauer

The concept of annually preparing for a pilgrimage to this festival is not foreign to its followers. Spending a day, or taking time for a single concert, or camping out under the Texas stars are options that are available to everyone. As the songwriters of this genre must feel about their music, visitors to this Kerrville standard can expect that they, too, will leave this event feeling that their deep love for folk music was heard and validated.

Decades-Long Kerrville Folk Festival: You Too Can be a Kerrvert
Photo: Facebook/John Whipple

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