Even Korn Knows You Need to Stop at Buc-ee’s When You’re On the Road

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Terrell, Texas, is known for a lot of things. They produced Jamie Foxx (who thanked his teachers for getting him where he is today) and the largest entertainment center in East Texas, as well as a Buc-ee’s. That last one might not seem like such a big deal, but it also means they have Korn. No, not corn, but Korn. The buses for the Korn and Alice in Chains tour stopped at the Terrell Buc-ee’s on their way to their show in Alabama from Dallas last month, and fans couldn’t believe it!

Their stop was reported by 106.3 The Buzz, along with a number of social media shares by those who also recognized band members at Buc-ee’s. Despite fame, and the sometimes high cost of visibility when you’re on the road, they made the stop in Terrell just like anybody on a road trip would normally do.

Even Korn Knows You Need to Stop at Buc-ee’s When You’re On the Road

Photo: Facebook/Brian Hansen

Korn guitarist, Brian “Head” Welch, had his picture taken with one of the Buc-ee’s employees, then their co-headlining tour went on to their Alabama show. Their 30-date set of shows was kicked off in the Texas Hill Country, in Austin on July 18, 2019, and will end in Mountain View, California, on September 14, 2019. And they’re not the first sighting of famous people experiencing a Buc-ee’s on a trip through Texas. Pink and her family made a stop at one just prior to her San Antonio show in March of this year. Sharing the experience on social media, she posted, “Truck stops in Texas. Don’t ask, just do it.” She gets it. And so does Korn. Maybe they even got a package of beaver nuggets! The only way their tour through Texas could have been more complete was to grab some Whataburger and pick up a 12-pack of Dr Pepper for the road!