Kroger & Nuro Launching Driverless Grocery Delivery in Houston

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This spring will not only see April showers bringing May flowers, but it will also see the grocery chain Kroger bringing groceries to Houston homes via an autonomous delivery service. In a move that may appear to some like something from a Jetson’s cartoon episode, it’s actually just one of the many futuristic options that are becoming a reality in Texas. Kroger has partnered with Nuro, a robotics company, to launch a self-driving delivery service for grocery needs in the Bayou City this upcoming season.

The autonomous grocery delivery service will be available via two of the supermarket’s Houston stores in four of the city’s zip codes. This follows the pilot of the service in Scottsdale, Arizona, which recently ended, according to a report by USA Today. The success from that pilot was the gleaning of details around the various ways groceries can be delivered safely and conveniently for customers. Yael Cosset, Kroger’s chief digital officer, explained to Retail Insight Network, “Our Arizona pilot program confirmed the flexibility and benefits provided by autonomous vehicles and how much customers are open to more innovative solutions. It’s always been our shared vision to scale this initiative to new markets, using world-changing technology to enable a new type of delivery service for our customers.”

Kroger & Nuro Launching Driverless Grocery Delivery in Houston

Photo: Facebook/Nuro via Radio Al

The current Kroger delivery service will remain in effect for customers throughout the city, and those using the new autonomous service will also be able to shop through the Kroger app or via Orders will be completed based on availability and will be delivered by Nuro’s fleet, which consists of driverless Prius vehicles. Nuro co-founder Dave Ferguson told Retail Insight Network: “Texas has been a leader in encouraging self-driving innovation, and we’re excited to help deliver that future for Houston — a dynamic, diverse and welcoming metropolitan city that we’re excited to soon explore and serve with this autonomous delivery service.”

Kroger & Nuro Launching Driverless Grocery Delivery in Houston

Photo: Facebook/North American Commercial Vehicle Show

Kroger, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company, announced its plans to move the service to Houston last week. Like the Scottsdale, Arizona, rollout, Nuro will first deploy the service with Kroger in Houston via a self-driving Toyota Prius fleet. Following that, its custom driverless vehicles will enter the market.