Latte Recipes to Pin for Loving Your Coffee Outside the Mug

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Chewy cookies filled with pumpkin spice flavor and cinnamon chips just might become your favorite fall cookie. Yes, these cookies can be included among latte recipes because they include coffee in both the cookies and glaze for a rich pumpkin spice latte flavor. For something different, don’t miss this recipe from The Gold Lining Girl.

5. Vanilla Latte Ice Cream

Latte Recipes Vanilla Latte Ice Cream

Photo: Pinterest/Joy Filled Eats

Though not many latte recipes fit into low-carb lifestyles, this one from Joy Filled Eats does. It does not include added sugar and is low-carb, but don’t discount this recipe. It features real half and half and coffee for genuine latte taste. Try this when you want to get your latte fix without indulging too much.

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