Lemonade Mimosas Belong on Your Summer Bucket List

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The heat of summer is upon us, and in Texas, that means we’ve been looking for ways to cool down for months before anyone else! For those of you who were yet unprepared, there’s a quick fix. It’s called lemonade mimosas. You probably already have lemonade in your fridge, but if not… get to a grocery store! While you’re there, scoop up a bottle of sparkling wine in the process (like Heath Sparkling Wine from Grape Creek Vineyards) and make it a double!

One of the easier cocktails to make, a mimosa generally consists of a sparkling wine base with a citrus juice mix. In this instance, one of our favorite country classics is up to bat, and we’re betting lemonade will hit a home run. Whether you fancy the regular or pink lemonade, both will work wonders with this beverage, and one may even look prettier if you’re aiming to serve this at a bridal shower or a celebration of some sort. For a fresher take on the drink, you can also make use of the zest of real lemons, which add an aromatic appeal in addition to the taste of this cocktail’s deliciousness.

Lemonade Mimosas

Lemonade Mimosas Belong on Your Summer Bucket List


Key ingredients for this recipe include:



Champagne (Sparkling Wine)



Shared by Delish, the recipe for lemonade mimosas is simple. In under 10 minutes, you can make enough for 4-6 servings, which will either suit you down to your toes, or help you serve a number of guests. For those wishing to add a touch of something special, the site also suggests rimming your serving flutes with lemon juice prior to dipping it in a mixture of lemon zest and sugar. What’s your favorite summer drink when you’re ready to kick back and relax? Try this recipe out, and you just might find your new favorite.