Little Joe Hernandez to be Appointed Texas State Musician

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Tejano music legend Joe Hernandez, of Little Joe y La Familia, will be appointed Texas State Musician by the Texas Legislature on Monday, March 25, 2019.  The extremely busy performer spoke with of his hometown of Temple. Regarding the upcoming appointment, he said, “I’ll do whatever I need to do and show up in Austin.”

The Texas State Legislature, in partnership with the Texas Commission on the Arts, will make Hernandez’s appointment during the House and Senate sessions on Monday, March 25. They will also appoint the positions of state poet laureate, state two-dimensional artist, and state three-dimensional artist. This will take place at approximately 10 a.m., with recognition in the Senate chambers taking place shortly thereafter.

These positions are filled for the period of one year, and those chosen were selected by a committee which is legislative-appointed. They will be recognized in such a way in order to acknowledge the high quality of their work as well as a commitment to the arts in Texas that goes above and beyond. With respect to the appointments, State Representative John Cyrier, Chairman of the House Committee on Culture, Recreation, & Tourism, told, “The great talents of the 2019-2020 State Artists, along with all of those who were nominated, help contribute to a distinctive cultural identity that makes Texas a great place to live, work and visit. It is important that we celebrate the distinguished career achievements of these artists which have enhanced the lives of so many.”

Little Joe Hernandez to be Appointed Texas State Musician

Photo: Facebook/Little Joe y La Familia

Hernandez is a multi-Grammy Award winner, among other tremendous accolades, and has played for appreciative audiences all over the world. “I’m terribly honored,” he told “I’m not good at accepting awards, the adulation overwhelms me.” Temple is extremely proud of its native son, recognizing him by renaming a part of Sixth Avenue in his honor, as well as holding the Little Joe Day festival last year to celebrate his life and success. Friends and industry counterparts have said this recognition is something that Little Joe has long deserved.