Lone Star Fried Pickles Make the Perfect Potluck Contribution

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Party season is in full swing as we wind our way up through November and into December of this year, and the start of January in 2020. Thanksgiving gatherings, Christmas feasts and parties, and New Year’s Eve celebrations may all require that you sort through your favorite recipes to come up with something to take to each function. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Lone Star Fried Pickles, from The Texas Chef, are a tasty treat that will not only be impressive in flavor but will make you seem like an impressive cook!

With just a little bit of time in the kitchen, and some experience with deep frying things, Lone Star Fried Pickles are the finished product that will make your potluck presentation pop! Most people do the cop-out and take the easiest thing they can possibly come up with, without ever having to actually prepare anything. If you’re invested in good food and good times with friends, you might have more of an interest in preparing something such as this to share with them. What better time of year than the holiday party season? They’re a deliciously fun idea that has become quite popular in a variety of restaurants, and there’s absolutely no reason you can’t achieve the same great taste with making your very own.

Lone Star Fried Pickles

Lone Star Fried Pickles Make the Perfect Potluck Contribution


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Fine Yellow Corn Meal




Kosher Dill Pickles


The Texas Chef provides a complete ingredient list, measurements, and each step for making Lone Star Fried Pickles at the The Texas Chef website. The first step in the recipe has to do with draining/straining the slices of pickles, which might be one reason others who have tried this type of thing before experienced some disappointment. If they’re not properly drained for excess moisture, the batter and subsequent deep frying won’t necessarily work. But once you have the proper instructions, such as with this recipe, you’ll understand completely why these appetizers make a great conversation starter as well as help to fill the void!