Losing Our Minds Over LuLaRoe – What Gives?

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However, some of us are quite frugal. We may not budget much for clothes, We save compulsively and work hard. Despite typical conservative spending, some have found themselves falling down the LuLaRoe rabbit hole only to find they are surrounded by good company – others who have landed in a colorful, decadent bed of soft, cottony leggings. This new interest harkens back to the days of Beanie Babies.

Beanie Babies had a similar following or obsession. Collectors frantically searched store after store looking for their missing bear, or bird, or octopus. And so it goes with LuLaRoe. Each print is only cut for 2,500 pieces. (A consultant recently told me this has moved up to 5,000 due to popularity of the products). This limit seems to have created a real demand.

Shopping sometimes happens in pop-up parties where a consultant will host in a friend’s home much like the original Tupperware parties. But, much of the frantic activity takes place online in Facebook groups where consultants will post pictures of their inventory and customers will scramble to be the first to comment “Sold” on an item they have their eye on.

Beth Bloom states, “ It’s the hunt.. I seriously get a rush when I hit sold and I’m first.” Beth says she has close to 200 pieces, and more than 100 are leggings. She’s not alone. When the question was posted in a buy/sell-trade Facebook group asking people how many pieces they owned, many commented they had over 100 pieces. Beth was commenting while traveling and sent a picture of her suitcase…full of leggings two rows deep!

15873239_1151046885013254_1049569119440993406_nPhoto: Facebook/Beth Bloom

One group member posted a picture of her strategy for organizing her massive collection of leggings. A good approach.

15873068_10212278806991755_4947924582117718735_nPhoto: Facebook/Nicolette Jean Meinert

To read about the company you can visit:

To buy, you will need to find a local consultant or a Facebook group hosting a multi consultant group.