Love is Everything: George & Norma Strait’s Marriage Behind the Scenes

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Tony Maples Photography


(Pictured above: Norma Strait, left, family friend Susie Dillon, middle, and George Strait, right)

The relationship between George Strait and his wife Norma reads like something from a romantic novel or movie script. They were high school sweethearts, but there was a time when the King of Country music almost missed the boat on the love of his life and their soon-to-be 48-year marriage. Many country music fans don’t know much about Norma Strait, the woman behind the King of Country, but her love story with George is one for the ages.

“Norma was the first girl I ever loved. We knew each other forever, growing up in a small town. I never really even thought anything about her, but then one day I asked her out and we went on a date. We didn’t see each other for a long time after that. Then one day, I thought, ‘I’m missing the boat here,’ and we started dating again,” he explained.


In a rare interview with the Tennessean, shared on their YouTube channel, Strait revealed how he chose the songs that go onto his albums. Upon seeing the title, “Love is Everything,” he noted, “…the world revolves around love…love is something that, if you lose it, it’s gonna hurt…” which we can only conclude he relates to his relationship with Norma. They eloped in Mexico in 1971, just prior to George enlisting in the U.S. Army. They followed that with a small church ceremony in their hometown of Pearsall, Texas. Like everyone, their marriage has weathered some storms. And fame hasn’t spared them from tragedy, but they continue to love, live, and honor their vows. The couple splits time between their residence in northwest San Antonio and their ranch near Cotulla. In 2012, George and Norma Strait became first-time grandparents to George Harvey Strait III. And in 2016, their granddaughter, Jilliann Louise Strait, was welcomed to the world. Nearly five decades together and still going strong, this loving couple has shown they have what it takes to make a life together and that love truly is everything.