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Two Young Lubbock Women Stole a Puppy Right Out of the Owner’s Hands

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On Wednesday, police arrested two young women, ages 17 and 18, after it was discovered that they stole a Yorkie puppy right out of the hands of its owner the day before. Geoffrey Sharp, the owner of the adorable puppy named Winnie, told Everything Lubbock that he was letting the two women pet the pup before they suddenly took off with her. “I just stood there and kept thinking ‘did that actually happen?'” he said.

Sharp turned to the internet for help, and the kind-hearted community of Lubbock responded. After learning about several Craigslist ads listing a Yorkie puppy for sale, Sharp had a few leads. A good Samaritan offered to meet whoever was behind the ad that sounded most like Winnie, that way Sharp’s identity wouldn’t be immediately revealed to the thieves.

“I was scared before I went, I had a gut feeling, they said they didn’t have pictures. I was shaking with the puppy in my hand because I knew she was the one. I told them I needed to talk to my husband and I needed to go to the bank and get money,” the woman told Everything Lubbock. She called the police, and they took the reigns from there, arresting the two thieves.

Now, KCBD reports that Winnie is home safe and sound with Sharp. He says he doesn’t have any malicious feeling toward the two young women who stole his dog. “We all make our choices, but that doesn’t mean I have to go to their side and hate them. So, I definitely forgive them for what they’ve done,” he stated.