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Lyle Lovett and His View of the World Through Instagram

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Singer, songwriter, actor Lyle Lovette, you know this fellow Houstonian and Texas Aggie Alumni, and his style of country music which has transcended throughout the years. Although he is typically associated with a country flare, his genre of music also includes “folk, swing, blues, jazz and gospel music as well as more traditional country & Western styling,” shared Wikipedia.

But, did you know Mr. Lovette also has an eye for photography? Lovette, with a loyal fan base across the globe, has added the art of capturing brilliant moments from behind his lens as he shares a snapshot of his world through each photo.

Lyle Lovette and His Instagrams

Lyle Lovette Photography
Photo: Facebook/Lyle Lovett

In a recent interview with abc13.com, Lovette shared his love for photography and admitted that not every shot is great, and some turn out better than others, just as he feels about songs. Even though he doesn’t consider himself a photographer, he loves the beauty of photography. It shows on his popular Instagram page with 36,000 followers admiring and loving the places and shots he takes through his eyes. “It’s about being in the moment and capturing a moment,” he said of his photography. “I don’t mind overshooting to try to get one frame. Mainly, I see a place, I think to myself, ‘gosh I can’t believe I’m getting to play in such a beautiful place,” shared Lovett with abc13.com.

More than just a talented performer who captivates his audiences worldwide with his ballads, he is an artist with an eye for capturing true to life moments of places he performed and people he has met along the way. “It’s a different way to show how you see the world,” he said. “And that’s what songs are about. And that’s what pictures are about. It’s just a different medium, but it’s really the same expression,” shared Lovett with abc13.com.

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