Making Fresh Corn Tortillas: Suerte Goes Through Over 2,300 Each Day

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Showing us how fresh corn tortillas are made, Food Insider has gone inside Suerte, a contemporary Mexican restaurant in Austin in the Texas Hill Country. Food Insider is a media outlet (using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) that believes “…life should be a delicious adventure,” and shares it for viewers to enjoy.

Suerte is identified as a “Mexican-inspired East Austin restaurant that combines local ingredients with house-made masa, mezcal and other specialty drinks for a fun unexpected dining experience.” Located at 1800 East 6th Street, their menu is designed with thoughtful cooking techniques that incorporate local ingredients, including the process of making their own corn tortillas.

Shared on the Food Insider YouTube channel, the “How Fresh Corn Tortillas Are Made” video states that Suerte makes more than 2,300 tortillas per day. To do so, each morning they grind 60 pounds of corn into 120 pounds of masa. The process of making masa is not an entirely easy one and is explained in the course of the video. It’s a wonderfully simple recipe that is used for a variety of items on Suerte’s menu, and they’ve learned through their cooking processes what they can always improve on…which makes for a better meal experience for those who visit!