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Man Fell to His Death From San Antonio Landmark

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Even those very familiar with San Antonio might not know the downtown Tower Life Building by name, but they certainly would recognize the landmark by sight. Centro San Antonio says that the 30-floor building at 3210 S. St. Mary’s was built in 1929 and was originally called the Smith-Young Tower. The tower has eight sides, terra-cotta coloring, and gargoyles decorating and guarding the structure.

Sadly, this landmark became the location of an awful happening on Monday, November 7th. MySA reports that a man fell to his death from the top of the building around 4:20 PM. Security says the man accessed the roof by himself, and therefore, they’re investigating a possible suicide. He fell 400 feet and landed next to a woman putting money in her parking meter.

Strangely, one witness said he saw the man fall from the East side of the Tower Life Building, but the body was found on the south side. Others commented that the man looked like he was wearing a reflective vest like a construction worker might wear, but there was no planned maintenance on the tower that day. Officials will speak with his family to try to piece together what happened.