Sweet Old Man Films a Visit From a Friendly Water Snake

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It would not thrill many people to have a snake slither up their leg while they were relaxing on a dock, but this man was pleased to see that a snake he had previously “met” recognized him and asked for another meal.

In a video posted by What We Seee, a Facebook page dedicated to pulling together the web’s most fascinating content, viewers see a man waiting by the water with a fish and taped-down “britches” (to prevent the snake from finding its way up his pants.)

While the up close and personal visit from the water snake is enough to make the video worth watching, the man’s commentary is what really makes this video a jewel. Hearing his sweet country accent saying things like, “I think she remembered me, I’m really happy about that,” is so endearing it will have you replaying the video.

At the time, he wasn’t sure if he filmed or not, “I hope I got that!” he says after he helps the snake back into the water. “She’s a pretty thing,” he cooed. While you may not agree about the snake’s subjective beauty, the bond seen here between man and nature is definitely worth admiring.

Click here to see the original video, and watch the one below for a follow-up!