Man Finds Whale Vomit on Beach Worth $85K

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Alan Derrick and his son Tom were walking along the beach in Somerset, U.K. when they came across an odd, rubbery chunk of debris. After taking a look at the pungent 2.5 pound mass, Alan guessed that they had found a piece of ambergris, a formal name for whale vomit.

According to Whale Facts, ambergris is thought to be expelled out of the mouth of the whale when it’s combined with waste that’s too large to move through the digestive system. At first, it smells rather terrible, but as time goes on it begins to smell more sweet and musky. Whale Facts explains, “During the aging process ambergris absorbs, combines and oxidizes with various elements of sunlight, sand, air, sea salt and ocean minerals and water to create a sweet earthy scent, which is considered highly desirable by many fragrance experts.”

Since the whale vomit can be used by major companies in perfumes and cosmetics, they’re hoping to auction off their find for around $85,000. Despite the possible future use of the ambergris, The Huffington Post reports that Alan admitted, “It smells terrible.  It smells like walking into a very old damp building.” Even thought he isn’t impressed with the scent, Alan is amazed by the object and its possible financial gift to the Derrick family.