Man With Healthy Fear of Snakes ‘Screamed Like a Little Girl’ When Confronted by Rattler

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“He asked me if I wanted my box or my pillow case back,” Kakaley explained. “I said ‘Nope, you can keep them.’ He was an awesome cop. He handled the situation quite well.” The Michigan Department of Natural Resources website identifies that the eastern massasauga rattlesnake makes its home throughout the lower peninsula of the state, but tries to avoid human interaction and confrontation. Therefore, they’re rarely seen and seldom heard (until Kakaley’s incident!) Not disposed to strike unless confronted by what they believe to be a possible predator, these snakes have a potent venom and short fans that can easily puncture skin. Their species received federal protection through the Endangered Species Act in September 2016, as one that is now considered threatened, which is, of course, the complete opposite for such snakes in Texas. We probably won’t be seeing Kakaley at next year’s Sweetwater rattlesnake roundup!


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