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Austinites Jumped on a Man Trying to Steal a Woman’s Poodle in the Dog Park

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Last week at Norwood Estate Dog Park on Riverside Drive, suspect Frederick Simpson grabbed a black toy poodle and tried to run away with it. The man was tackled by fellow dog park goers, and once the police arrived, they handcuffed and “frisked him on scene before issuing a class B citation for theft. The citation is a cite and release, so Simpson went on his way after that,” according to KXAN.

Summer Serrano told the news that she witnessed the entire scene and will no longer choose to frequent the park with her pup. Police say that an incident of dognapping that took place only days before is also being investigated.

But this near-dognapping might not mar the viewpoint of fans of the park who like its location and fenced-in areas where dogs can run free near downtown. “My pup and grandpup ADORE this park. A definite go to for all our socializing needs,” Sonya Hachez previously wrote on the park’s Facebook page before the reports of the criminal activity. “I understand the city has a lot of pressure to close this one but it is the one I chose to use 3-4 times a week. Save Norwood Dog park!” Caroline Estes added.