You Can Learn How to Master These 3 Pen Magic Tricks

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“Learn the art of deception. This channel will feature high quality tutorials, deck reviews, performances and much more,” Oscar Owen’s YouTube channel description reads. In his concise videos, averaging about three minutes long, Owen lets his viewers in on secrets of the magic trade. And, if you’re willing to work on your slight of hand, you, too, can master these tricks and the “art of deception.”

In his most recent video, “Three Easy Pen Magic Tricks – Vanish, Change & Transformation Tutorial,” Owen shows how to make a Sharpie vanish, change colors, and transform into a coin. Making a Sharpie disappear requires a quick snap of the pen, changing its color involves a speedy change between two pens, and transforming the pen is a bit like a combination of the two tricks before it.

Of course, even when one learns how the trick is done, it’s only half of the battle of making the magic look believable (or rather, unbelievable). Practice and confidence is also required to perform with the seamlessness that Owen does. You might not become David Blaine, but you could fool people at a party!

To see how he achieves his slight of hand tricks, watch the video below.