Meth Lab Found Underneath Wal-Mart Parking Lot

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Most people don’t think about what’s lurking beneath their feet, especially while they’re wheeling out their purchases from the local Wal-Mart. On Monday afternoon, Wal-Mart patrons in Amherst, New York suddenly became aware of an underground world once they saw people in full hazmat suits descending below the pavement.

Police discovered a criminal bunker in a culvert that runs under the Wal-Mart parking lot located in a relatively safe area. Since this culvert allowed for enough space to stand up, criminals apparently couldn’t resist using it.

While officials cleaned out the area, they found spray paint cans, chemicals, and what they believe is methamphetamine. Curious Wal-Mart shoppers got an odd showing of the evidence as it was brought up to the surface.

No arrests have been made yet since it’s unknown who was using this underground lair or how long this operation was taking place. As far as the culvert goes, KXAN reports that Amherst Police Captain Scott Chamberlin said, “We’ll talk to the proper authorities to figure out what we need to do to make sure that’s not accessible anymore.”

After the news story about thousands of bees getting lose in a Wal-Mart parking lot, it seems the parking lots of the retail giant can provide a source of endless entertainment.