Hospital Continues Tradition of Sending Babies Home in Stockings

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Tony Maples Photography


Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, has a ridiculously adorable holiday tradition. Every year, they send newborn babies home in Christmas stockings!

According to KSAT, the stockings (paired with a matching hat) are customized by the Blue Bird Auxiliary, “a volunteer group that does a lot of important jobs for staff and patients.” This tradition dates back 50 years, and any child born through the 29th of this month will receive the charming stocking.

Aside from being cute in the moment, these stockings can be kept as sweet birthday keepsakes for years, so many hospitals across the country uphold this tradition. On Bored Panda, commenter Kathy LaPan wrote, “I still have my stocking and ill be 38 on Christmas eve!” But sometimes the stockings aren’t one size fits all. “When my son was born, he was too big to fit in the stocking, so they put a Santa hat on him,” Dawn Bailey wrote.

Putting newborns into Christmas stockings isn’t the only way Methodist Children’s Hospital tries to capture Christmas cheer. In the lobby, different departments decorate big trees, hoping to win “top prize for the best decorations,” according to the Blue Bird Auxiliary Facebook page. Keeping spirits bright during the holidays is important to this San Antonio hospital, and that’s the kind of medicine we could all use, especially considering many folks can feel alone and depressed during the holidays. Any added bit of cheer is well worth the effort.

Is this the cutest Christmas tradition you’ve ever seen? Or do you know of one that’s even cuter? Let us know!