Get Rid of Mice and Spiders in Your Home Using a Tea Bag!

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We have our fair share of critters here in Texas. From snakes to boll weevils and everything in between, we’ve learned how to deal with the worst of them. However, sometimes such creatures can find their way into our homes, and for those who are squeamish or perhaps have a bit of a phobia, getting rid of them can be difficult and sometimes expensive. However, the Facts Verse YouTube channel has found a way to rid your residence of mice and spiders using a tea bag!

If, like many of us, you wish not to put your family and pets at risk by using chemical pesticides, or perhaps you just don’t want to manhandle mouse traps or pick up spiders (especially if they’re dangerous), then the solution below may be right up your alley. The good news is, you’re the one who gets to drink the tea in this process! Facts Verse recommends that making use of brewed peppermint tea bags in places where you’ve seen mice or spiders in your home will rid you of them forever. If you’re having issues in one particular room, they advise that for the best results, place a tea bag in each corner. Not only that, but they say for those who aren’t tea drinkers, essential oils will do the same trick.

Video: YouTube/Facts Verse

In looking for a safe and effective (as well as inexpensive) way to control mice and spiders having access to your home, this tea bag process may be absolutely brilliant. For the cost of a box of peppermint tea, you could relax knowing you won’t have to deal with pesky mice droppings or creepy spiders. Alternatively, if you’re not too keen on the peppermint option, Facts Verse says that spiders, in particular, aren’t fond of lemon or cinnamon scents either. If you do opt for the tea bag options, however, you should look to replace them with new ones at least every three to four weeks. For the essential oil route, make use of a spray bottle process which is recommended every week. The methods this video recommends for ridding your home of mice and spiders are safe as well as incredibly inexpensive.