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Minutes Added to the School Day at Some Texas School Districts

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Summer is coming to a close, and classes are starting back up for Texas students. Though this year, the times are changing a bit for public schools. Instead of measuring the length of the school-year by days, Texas is now counting the minutes. This year, 180 days is thought of as 75,600 minutes.

TWC News reports that Georgetown Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Bryan Hallmark said, “The high schools added about 30 minutes to the school day and elementary has added about 20 minutes to their school day. To us it’s, you know, it’s kind of a substantial change.”

Middle schoolers, on the other hand, won’t notice a significant change to how long the school day will feel. They get off a bit easy with only five extra minutes to their day.

Will this change be beneficial? Hallmark notes that it really helps with bad weather make-up days and time delays. Teachers and students will have more time for classroom activities, but managing the bus schedules and food services will prove to be a trickier change “because it takes away some of the flexibility that they’ve had to some degree,” Hallmark said.

Some school districts won’t see any change, like Pflugerville ISD. Regardless, students, teachers and parents will triple check their appropriate times to make sure they don’t show up late for class!